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Chona Salazar – Human Resource and Management

  1. Functional Statement
    • Responsible on a broad range of concerns including recruitment and examination, promotion, performance evaluation, appointments  preparation,  leave  administration,  personnel relations, discipline, benefits and  awards and incentives.
  2. Objectives
    1. To become more conscious of their duties and obligations towards a more dynamic  roll in the professionalism of the bureaucracy;
    2. To update periodically based on recently promulgated laws, executive   pronouncement and feedback from clients;
    3. To help create an atmosphere conducive to good supervisor-employee relations and improvement of employee welfare and morale and recognizes the employee’s right to self-organization;
    4. To maintain program of work as far as personnel matters are concerned;
    5. To recommend all necessary action in hiring, promoting, salary and wage administration and  rules  and regulations affecting personnel matters;
    6. To provide government employees adequate opportunity to increase their cognitive and effective skill level relative to their work and role in public service;
    7. To develop highly competent and professional workforce to sustain the public service delivery.
  3. Functions:
    1. Enters in the leave cards all vacation and sick leave of all employees;
    2. Types of appointments and other supporting documents that will be submitted to the CSC;
    3. Prepares annual plantilla of personnel and personnel schedule;
    4. Interviews applicants and newly hired employees;
    5. Provides technical assistance and advises relative to personnel matters
    6. Keeps all the records of municipal employee;
    7. Advice municipal officials on personnel policy, practices and problems;
    8. Provides personnel services to municipal employees and officials; and
    9. Exercise such other power and perform such other duties and functions as may be prescribed by CSC Law and rules.
  4. Staff and Personnel
    • Human Resource Mgt. Officer V
    • Supervising Administrative Officer
    • (Human Resource Mgt. Officer IV)
    • Senior Administrative Assistant
    • (Data Controller IV)
    • Administrative Assistant VI
    • (Computer Operator III)
    • Administrative Assistant I
    • (Computer Operator I)

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