Talavera turns Plastic Trash into Chairs


THE town of Talavera, Nueva Ecija is combating the serious impact of climate change by converting plastic trash into useful materials, which also gives local residents added income.

Talavera Mayor Nerivi Martinez recently led the opening of a 6-hectare ecological management park (Eco Park) in Barangay Bagong Silang that features plastic waste recycling technology, a trash-converting plant that she hopes will minimize the garbage problem in this fast-urbanizing town.

The town generates around 32,000 tons of garbage every week, and 10 percent of this is plastic.

The mayor said 15 to 20 chairs are made each day from recycled plastic.
The chairs will be distributed in schools.

Martinez tapped the students of the Talavera National High School and other schools to participate in the program by helping collect plastic and bringing them to the Eco Park.

They will be given allowance commensurate to the volume of plastic they deliver.

The mayor also issued the same appeal to housewives.

Talavera administrative and environment officer Nerito Santos Sr. explained that the project was in line with the government’s efforts to formulate policies and measures to promote recycling industries in the Philippines.

He added that the Talavera local government has asked the Department of Trade and Industry and the Department of Science and Technology to provide technical assistance like training and income-generating strategies.

The Talavera local government also proposed the setting up of a forest park, a material recovery facility, a mini zoo, and an area for agricultural production encouraging student awareness, concern and interest on how to promote sustainability in the 6-hectare Eco Park.


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