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Cultural Presentation

Presentations portraying culture and arts, folk dances and Harana Serenading.

Float Parade

One of the highlights of Linggo ng Magsasaka where business sectors are the participants promoting their products and company or organizations held every May 15.

Gandang Kalabaw

Part of the celebration of Linggo ng Magsasaka is dressing up carabaos with colorful attire and decor held every May

Hugas Kalawang 2015

This festival is a tradition of giving thanks and recognition to landless farmers and planters during rice planting season. Hugas kalawang literally means washing off the rust from farming tools and garments of farmers and planters.

Semana Santa

Procession of statues of Saints depicting the passion of Christ. Talavera has the record of having the biggest number of “carosas” in Nueva Ecija, with 78 paraded floats.

Street Dance

Opening activity of Linggo ng Magsasaka participated by schools students held every May 9.

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